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  • 11.08.2016
    A Critically Endangered Sunda pangolin (Manis javanica) carrying its offspring on her tail was recently recorded by one of the camera traps located in Khlong Nakha Wildlife Sanctuary (Southern Thailand).
  • 08.08.2016
    Two Critically Endangered crab species, endemic to Bali’s Giri Putri cave, have found themselves in the limelight following a visit by Fauna and Flora International’s (FFI) President, HRH Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands.
  • 03.08.2016
    A recent report from Borana Conservancy in northern Kenya reveals the scale of the ambition – and challenges – for those looking to secure the black rhino’s future reports SOS grantee, Fauna and Flora International’s Sarah Rakowski.
  • 15.07.2016
    In April 2016, Dr. Muhammad Ali Nawaz was one of two SOS Grantees who won the renowned Whitley Fund for Nature's Whitley Awards. Accepting the reward, Dr. Nawaz (Ali) added he was glad to share a conservation success story from Pakistan with the...
  • 08.07.2016
    Throughout Asia, from remote nesting beaches to captive breeding facilities, River Terrapins (genus Batagur) have recently completed their hatching season once again, reports Rick Hudson of the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA).  
  • 05.07.2016
    Around the world, wildlife is being depleted by illegal activities at an alarming rate, depriving local populations and national economies of important natural capital. Moreover, this loss has a significant impact on national and regional security....
  • 01.07.2016
    Recently in Chukotka, far-eastern Russia, SOS grantee Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) began another season of collecting eggs from Spoon-billed Sandpiper nests – in a bid to help save the species. Reporting from the field, Roland Digby explains...
  • 24.06.2016
    The Itombwe Reserve in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), one of Africa’s most biodiverse sites, had its boundaries formally approved yesterday by the Provincial Governor – a critical step in establishing and ensuring the effective protection...
  • 17.06.2016
    It had to be a radio series. Working to promote lemur conservation education around Ranomafana National Park, SOS Grantee Katherine Kling of Stony Brook University, needed a way to reach a wide audience while involving many other community members...
  • 14.06.2016
    One of the world’s rarest birds has a new hope: it has just started laying eggs in captivity for the first time according to a press release from previous SOS grantee and IUCN Member, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT).  


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