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Our Partners


SOS was created as a global initiative because the scale of the task of tackling the extinction crisis is so immense it requires the combined energies, resources and expertise of all actors in civil society.

While SOS is already working with a number of strong, active and committed supporters, it remains open to potential new collaborations and donors.

So far SOS has achieved a wealth of conservation successes, captured in the SOS 5 Year Report.

SOS works with partners, donors and supporters in the following groups:

Founding partners: three key organizations collaborated to forge a conservation tool capable of making targeted small and medium-sized grants for species conservation.

Foundation and Individual Donors: include organizations and private individuals that are providing crucially important financial resources to start new projects through the initiative.

Business Supporters: include organizations that can help SOS catalyse its actions at scale either through participation in SOS special initiatives or by collaborating with SOS to increase engagement from the general public through innovative communications activities.

Communicators and Ambassadors: individuals and organizations that amplify the SOS message and help in reaching broader and wider segments of the general public through inspiring messages and communications activities.

The task to save species is immense and we continue to invite organisations and individuals interested to get involved with SOS directly to develop new exciting initiatives to save wildlife while sharing the message that conservation works: it helps saves species and improves our lives as well.


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