Photo Credit: SOS - Save Our Species

Current Partners


Leveraging its experience and unique network of scientific experts, SOS can provide a valuable service helping guide foundations and individual donors in their species conservation investments.

Our current partners : European Commission, Fondation Segré, Fondation Iris, Coq en Pâte, Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, Terre Sauvage.



As an aggregator and distributor of funds, the value of SOS for a foundation is its expertise in selecting projects and its objectivity in evaluating those candidates in terms of optimising return on investment.  This is especially useful for more recently created foundations that can benefit from a trusted guide into the complex world of nature conservation. For other, more established foundations, the added-value lies in the ability of SOS to build strategic programmes around conservation priorities, for example special initiatives such as SOS Lemurs.

To discuss potential for engagement with SOS as a foundation, please contact SOS directly via email here.


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