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Coq en Pâte


Since 2015, Coq en Pate Editions and IUCN's Save Our Species have teamed up to raise awareness and support for species conservation. Through its unique and child-friendly designs, Coq En Pate's mission is to reconnect children with nature through its colourful animal designs, its fun products and its relationship with Save Our Species. This includes a special Save Our Species product line, a dedicated Lemur t-shirt and an African Wildlife range of apparel launching in 2018.
IUCN's SOS Save Our Species partner Coq En Pate
Credits : Coq En Pate


In 2015 Coq En Pâte launched a dedicated range of apparel and accessories for children, titled SOS - Save Our Species. This range includes school bags, pencil cases, suitcases, pouches, t-shirts, scarves and market bags - all products that can be both pretty and responsibly produced today.

Its range is available in hundreds of retail outlets across Europe. A portion of revenues generated from the sale of these products goes to support the work of IUCN's Save Our Species.  

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