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Terre Sauvage


The SOS relationship with renowned French nature Terre Sauvage magazine has grown in new and exciting directions since 2012 including exhibitions and conferences, a special edition magazine and most recently a monthly species profile (available for download on the right of this page). Meanwhile, the gallery below shows some SOS project stories documented by winners of the annual Terre Sauvage Nature Image Awards IUCN Bourse.
Steve and Ann Toon 2013 IUCN Bourse winners
Credits : Steve and Ann Toon


Annually the Terre Sauvage Nature Image Awards includes a special prize titled the IUCN Bourse, valued at €3,750. This is awarded by the NIA Jury to one photographer. SOS then facilitates for that photographer to visit and document an SOS-funded project using photography, video and written content.

The resulting story is published exclusively in Terre Sauvage, after which the photographer is free to promote and share the news story through other media channels as they wish. To date there have been four IUCN Bourse winners who have visited SOS funded projects.

  • Denis Palanque and Nathalie Houdin 2016 winning submission here.
  • Jürgen Freund 2015 winning submission  here.
  • Pete Oxford 2014 winning submission here.
  • Steve and Ann Toon 2013 winning submission here.
  • Samantha Owen 2012 winning submission here.


Published in late 2014, this Special Edition of the Terre Sauvage magazine celebrated 50 years of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™. Click on download to access your free digital copy.

Featuring colourful spreads, species profiles and infographics, the magazine charted the history, objectives and mechanics of the Red List. It also illustrated the way SOS projects address the threats facing certain species in this most comprehensive database of life on earth.

In this way the magazine illustrated the intimate connection between the Red List as the barometer of life, and SOS as a conservation tool that helps keep the needle pointing in the right direction. Download the special Terre Sauvage edition by clicking on the picture.

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