Photo Credit: Rubaiyat Mansur Mowgli & Elisabeth Farhni Mansur

Integrated Tiger Habitat Conservation Programme


SOS funded 3 tiger conservation projects in its first phase of activity, all starting in 2011.

Of these, 2 projects were implemented in Bangladesh and Malaysia while a third worked across multiple tiger range states, supporting the pilot phase of SMART Conservation Software (Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool). Clicking on the orange text will open up the respective project profiles in another window.

Leveraging the experience of SOS as a grant-making initiative, IUCN and KfW Bank launched the Integrated Tiger Habitat Conservation Programme (ITHCP). This €20 million programme funds a portfolio of 12 projects in different tiger range states with some illustrated in the map image, below.

To learn more about the ITHCP please visit the page on IUCN website.


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