Photo Credit: Coqenpâte

COQENPATE teams up with IUCN’s SOS to offer fun kidswear with a cause.


Now by buying official COQENPATE children’s wear, shoppers can directly and easily help protect wildlife from extinction. A percentage of sales will go directly to SOS which currently supports 87 projects worldwide protecting more than 230 species of plants and animals threatened with imminent extinction. The clothes will hit the shops in July 2015 across Europe and North America.

Coqenpâte children t-shirt made of sustainably sourced biological coton
Credits : Coqenpâte

IUCN’s SOS is delighted to announce this exciting partnership with COQENPATE - an innovative and inspirational children's fashion company based in France, which places ethics in the heart of all creative processes.

Through its bright, ethically-produced product range, COQENPATE aims to educate children and adults about important environmental and social issues of our time such as the priceless value of our world’s wildlife.

The Save Our Species range includes apparel, school bags and pencil cases, featuring eye-catching designs of tigers, lions, sharks and other much-loved creatures that are also species protected by SOS-funded projects.

By connecting the product range to the SOS cause, this partnership will connect families and shoppers directly with conservation action on the ground, supported by educational initiatives and outreach communications in-store and online. For example, all products in the range will feature a unique QR code which parents and friends can use to link directly to the SOS website via their smartphones to learn more about how to support SOS work.

This agreement represents an excellent fit of values and vision for SOS and COQENPATE. It completes the connection between conservation knowledge, generated by the IUCN Red List which informs conservation action performed by SOS and its grantees and consumer activism offered by the SOS COQENPATE relationship.

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