Fondation Segré joins SOS Save Our Species


Dynamic private foundation Fondation Segré announced today it would join IUCN's SOS initiative to help it increase funding channeled to key species conservation projects worldwide.

Fondation Segré is an SOS partner
Credits : Fondation Segre

Projects will begin immediately and run for approximately two years during which time, conservationists hope to reduce and mitigate threats such as poaching of endangered and critically endangered mammals across a number of countries.

Commenting on the agreement, Fondation Segré founder, Mr Claudio Segré explained, “these are the first projects in which the foundation cooperates with IUCN: we are delighted to add this new institution to our group of outstanding partners with whom we hope to extend the scope of our conservation activities”. Fondation Segré was established in 1996 and has now the status of a Swiss non-profit organization with an active and growing interest in species conservation.

The shared vision and alignment of values between the two organizations represented a meeting of minds in discussing ways to stem the biodiversity crisis. Jean-Christophe Vié, Director of SOS explained “the mission to preserve our biodiversity is so vast that any contribution from whichever source counts. But working with Fondation Segré represents an exciting development for us as we see SOS grow from strength to strength, helping to protect an increasingly diverse and wider range of threatened species worldwide.”

The projects will begin reporting new and developments from the field in the first half of 2013.


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