Generous contribution


SOS – Save Our Species would like to thank Janet Monteith-Wong for generously donating the domain name

SOS - Save Our Species
Credits : SOS - Save Our Species

Ms. Monteith-Wong took it upon herself to contact us and offered to donate a domain name that SOS had sought to register in the past. We are extremely grateful and appreciative of her wonderful contribution. 

The new domain name now redirects to our current website ( In the future this will be changed so that our current website redirects to the new address recently donated (

 “SAVEOURSPECIES is a wonderful domain name. I spent many hours thinking about how to eventually utilize the name to develop a web site to help save animals. Then I saw your organization started doing what I hoped to accomplish with the SAVEOURSPECIES name and you are doing it in a MUCH MUCH bigger way than I could ever imagine. It was incredible, like my wildest dream came true without even lifting a finger!”

                                                                        - Janet Monteith-Wong


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