Photo Credit: Bruce Beehler

How the long tale of Tree Kangaroo-friendly coffee is helping mainstream biodiversity


In this busy modern world with its growing human population, how do you make the case for nature?

Fresh new batch of Tree Kangaroo friendly coffee from the YUS conservation area in Papua New Guinea
Credits : Hessing Woodland Park Zoo (TKCP)

Part of the answer lies in sharing inspiring but practical examples, or cases, where nature and mankind have struck a balance generating mutually beneficial outcomes. Demonstrating how innovative solutions can generate win-win situations can help shift the conversation from an “either/or” dynamic to a more inclusive one concerned with finding ways to achieve coexistence with nature.

This is the thinking behind mainstreaming biodiversity – a project led by IUCN and Bird Life International which produced a series of factsheet recounting stories of conservation success.

Take the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Project funded by SOS from 2012-2014, for instance. Protecting threatened wildlife, empowering local communities in the process and doing it all through a premium conservation-friendly coffee brand. Such was the triple win solution generated by IUCN Member Woodland Park Zoo’s Tree Kangaroo Conservation Programme.

This is the eleventh factsheet published in the series and the second addressing conservation work supported by an SOS project – the other concerning Vulture Safe Zones.

By integrating biodiversity conservation into and across all sectors, sharing inspiring and accessible stories with practical examples, we can catalyse systemic change.

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