The plight of mangrove forests in Pakistan - Film


Across the Indus delta in Pakistan, at Keti Bundur, Siddiq Roonjha narrates the once prosperous economic history of the area, his recent battles with cyclones and sea storms as his home was inundated in front of his eyes; his precious belongings lost.

Credits : IUCN Pakistan

Siddiq, sees one big reason for these calamities - the vast areas of coastal mangroves which grew in a combination of saline and freshwater have depleted overtime. The wise old fisherman that Siddiq is, he knows that planting mangroves is the only way forward; if protected and nurtured, the forest will one day be tall enough to shield his family.

The film is made in the backdrop of the recent tsunami in Japan, which has raised alarming signals throughout the world. There has been a massive loss of life and property and the habitants of the coastal areas like KetiBunder are asking the same question; if a disaster hits their vast coast, how safe are they?


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