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Species on the Edge app is launched


Acclaimed by the US Apple Store as ‘New and Noteworthy’, the new Species on the Edge app is a detailed guide to 365 species from the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™. Featuring stunning photos and thought-provoking information it allows users to learn about threatened species from around the world.

Species on the Edge app for iPad and iPhone
Credits : Harper Collins

Inspired by the IUCN Red List Species of the Day initiative and the Species on the Edge book, this app features 365 profiles of plants, animals and fungi from the IUCN Red List. Each profile has a description of the species along with its conservation status, geographical location and information on the conservation action required to protect it. Illustrated by stunning images this app is fascinating for nature lovers, environmental enthusiasts and anyone concerned about the state of the world’s flora and fauna.

According to the IUCN Red List, the most comprehensive source of information on the conservation status of the world’s species, one in four mammals, one in eight birds and more than one in three amphibians are at risk of extinction. The Species on the Edge app explains the threats to species such as the Javan Rhino but also provides some of the possible methods to halt the decline. The app also explains what conservation measures are helping other species such as the Blue-throated Macaw and Floreana Mockingbirds.

The Species on the Edge app makes it easy for readers to bookmark their favourite species and share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter or email. The species profiles are comprehensive and clearly explained and the app will help raise awareness of the threats to the survival of these species.

You can buy the app here.

The book Species on the Edge published by Collins is still available to buy online here.

To view the profiles that feature on the app and in the book visit the Species of the Day gallery.

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