Top Ten SOS News Stories of 2016


With the completion of the first five year phase in the SOS story in 2016 we present this shortlist of top ten grantee news stories from 2016, based on unique page views per news story.

SOS - Save Our Species
Credits : SOS - Save Our Species

The topics and species in the top ten reflect the diversity in the SOS portfolio with its 109 projects and 250 threatened species. With projects addressing extinction pressures in a variety of innovative and tested ways, this list presents a snapshot of progress or success across a selection of projects each lasting 1-2 years. Clicking through to revisit these stories, the reader can also learn more about the project by visiting its dedicated project profile page. 

1. Uncertain future for Timneh Parrots despite CITES progress - October

Surveys for one of the most threatened parrots in Africa were completed in 2016 as part of an SOS-funded project in Guinea-Bissau giving scientists cause for concern despite positive developments at CITES. Read more >>


2. Saving the world's most traded animals - January

Pangolins are the most heavily poached and trafficked mammals on the planet. Since mid-2015, the largest pangolin conservation grant funded work to raise awareness about the species and address the key threats to their survival in Cameroon, Thailand and China. Read more >>


3. Significant boost safeguards Madagascar's lemurs  - January

Thanks to the generous support of a Geneva-based private foundation, SOS could announce renewed efforts to save Madagascar’s lemurs by financing suitable projects aligned to the Lemur Conservation Strategy. Read more >>


4. The water pump and the cycads of Mpanga Gorge - November

It took two years’ hard work to successfully install a water pump above Mpanga Gorge and why that helped communities and livestock as well as the Critically Endangered cycads endemic to the area is a story worth telling. Read more >>


5. Release of 100th Pygmy Hog is conservation milestone - May

Releasing six additional animals at Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary marked a conservation milestone for pygmy hogs and those who have dedicated their careers to saving these, the smallest of pigs. Read more >>


6. A catchy song keeps sharks off the menu - April

Almost everyone loves a catchy song, and in Costa Rica that's good news for Hammerhead sharks. Local music act Dogandul encourage their fellow ticos to keep shark meat off the menu with this fun tune. Read more >>


7. One of Africa's most biodiverse regions protected - June

Being one of Africa’s most biodiverse sites, the formal approval of the boundaries surrounding Itombwe Reserve in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), was an important development for its rich amphibian diversity. Read more >>


8. One of world's rarest antelopes flourishes - February

Community conservation efforts in northern Kenya are bringing back Hirola antelope (Beatragus hunteri) from the edge of extinction, doubling numbers in three and a half years thanks to the creation of an effective wildlife sanctuary. Read more >>


9. Implementing a Cedar Management Plan in Malawi - February

David Nangoma, Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust in Malawi explains the importance of the development and implementation of the Cedar Management Plan to the achievement of his project’s objectives. Read more >>


10. Snow Leopard conservationist wins prestigious award - July

Accepting the prestigious award in April, Dr. Muhammad Ali Nawaz stated he was glad to share a conservation success story from Pakistan with the world, where he has worked to promote a shift from conflict to coexistence between farming communities and Snow Leopards. Read more >>

You can also learn more about other award winning conservationists on our dedicated Awards and Recognition page.

Looking ahead to 2017, SOS will continue its commitment to sharing progress and achievements from grantees past and present as well as more thematic news highlighting issues or activities relevant to parts of the portfolio such as those projects concerning lemurs which is set to increase in early 2017.

With this in mind, we will continue working to reach and engage more minds with the message that conservation works and invite you to help us reaching your networks by sharing SOS news on social media in 2017. 



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