Photo Credit: ZSL

Wild Camel research in Mongolia


During a recent field trip a team composed of scientists from ZSL including local people collected crucial data and information about wild camel feeding behavior and conducted a vegetation survey. Understanding its habitat requirements is necessary to conserve and protect wild camels in their habitat.

Wild Camel moulting
Credits : ZSL

The Wild Camel is a flagship and umbrella species of the Gobi ecosystem. By protecting its habitat this special landscape can be saved in its entirety, saving the fauna and flora of the desert from disturbance and degradation.

All unknown plant species were dried and herbarium specimens were taken to the laboratory of the Institute of Botany. During the research the team observed 30% shrub and under-shrub plants, near 60% of which were one-year old perennial grassy plants and a few percent of woody plants. In addition, grazed plants were observed while following wild camel tracks.

One of the most important elements of the feeding behavior of wild camels is that they are always on the move while eating.

The Great Gobi A Strictly Protected Area was established in 1975; its protection status was crucial to protect wild camel habitat and their distribution area in south-western Mongolia. 

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