Photo Credit: Ralph Buij



There 38 living cat species in the world distributed across the Americas, Eurasia, Africa and Asia. SOS has funded projects working to protect either directly or indirectly with Tigers, Snow Leopards and African Lions to date.

The modern tiger is categorised as Endangered and is considered to consist of six extant and three extinct subspecies. Tigers survive only in scattered populations in 13 range countries: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, on the island of Sumatra in the Republic of Indonesia, Lao PDR, peninsular Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, the Russian Far East, Thailand, and Vietnam. Building on this experience and the broader SOS model, the IUCN Integrated Tiger Habitat Conservation Programme was launched in 2014. More information about the ITHCP and its current portfolio of projects is available here.

The snow leopard is categorised as Endangered. Also belonging to the genus Panthera, it is a close relative of the Tiger, the snow leopard’s range includes 12 range states but it has a patchy and fragmented distribution. 

The African lion is classified as Vulnerable in the IUCN Red List. In South Africa the lion is listed as Least Concern but as Critically Endangered in West Africa. Historically, lions were widely distributed and occurred in Africa, Europe, Middle East and in Southwest Asia.

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