Photo Credit: Adam Pires EWT



Cycads were a dominant part of the earths flora during the age of the dinosaurs and many species were common even in more recent times. Many species however are threatened by habitat destruction and plant collecting, and more than half the known species are now classified as threatened.

The IUCN Species Survival Commission's Cycad Specialist Group has published a Conservation Strategy to address key threats for 297 species and sub-species of cycads. This publication is meant to be a working document, and provides an overview of all the cycads and the threats to their survival, as well as a set of objectives and actions to reduce these threats.

SOS began supporting Cycad conservation in 2012 when it selected projects for funding in South Africa and Central America. To date the SOS portfolio includes projects in Belize, Colombia, Mexico, South Africa and Uganda. Discover our projects below.


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