Photo Credit: SOSpecies

SOS Initiatives


In addition to managing a portfolio of 109 projects to date, IUCN's SOS - Save Our Species offers donors the opportunity to support initiatives focusing on one specific group of species.

The first of these initiatives is titled SOS Lemurs which was launched in 2015 to attract funding to help finance the Lemur Conservation Strategy produced by the IUCN Species Survival Commission's Primate Specialist Group in 2013.

Supporters of SOS Lemurs help finance the recommended site-based activities identified by the world's leading lemur experts which will help improve the survival prospects of many lemur species - all of which are recognised as being threatened with extinction. At present SOS Lemurs supports 11 lemur conservation projects, many of which address a spectrum of inter-related issues including community development, education, habitat management and species conservation.

In summary such special initiatives represent a valuable opportunity to transform conservation prospects for important species or groups of species by channeling resources through SOS to address a specific set of needs.

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