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With so many conservation organisations, it can be difficult to choose the right partner. Why partner with IUCN Save Our Species?
1. You want complete re-assurance that your funds are having the biggest possible impact:

As a neutral body, IUCN Save Our Species leverages knowledge for impact. Our only goal is to make the best use of our scientific knowledge to save species from extinction.

Our selection of conservation projects is not tied to private interests or political bodies. We rely on the expertise of more than 10,000 species expert from our network and a rigorous selection process. Once a project has started, we apply the highest monitoring standards to ensure every dollar makes an impact for threatened species, their habitat and the communities who depend on them.    

2. You want an experienced partner who knows the importance of an inclusive approach to conservation:

We are able to develop and implement conservation actions and partner with local organisations who will not only have the most positive, but also the most sustainable impact. Here is why:

Decades of conservation have taught us how to get it right. Biodiversity is a complex topic and conservation needs to be planned holistically. Local buy-in, the combined use of both scientific expertise and local knowledge, clearly identified and articulated objectives, support to capacity building, and planning for project sustainability are all essential to ensure the effectiveness of conservation.

This is why the unique approach of IUCN Save Our Species is so successful in achieving conservation outcomes: we combine thorough scientific planning, a large support network, and measurable objectives for species, habitats and people.

3. You want an inclusive approach based on transparent and empowering governance:

Building on IUCN’s central role in the world of conservation as a “convener”,  IUCN Save our Species brings together partnerships of international organisations, governments, governmental agencies and development banks as well as international biodiversity conventions to develop and execute large-scale conservation initiatives, coordinating portfolios of projects with a unified overarching objective aligned to global policy goals and standards

Does your organisation already have a sustainability strategy in place and do you wish to move to the next level by supporting conservation action that will protect biodiversity? 

You have come to the right place! 

IUCN Save Our Species is experienced in working with public and private sector organisations including businesses in a range of industries, private foundations, and individuals

For all partners, IUCN Save Our Species offers a proven, efficient and successful way to support species conservation at scale:

  • We work with businesses that wish to contribute to restore biodiversity in this world and help promote that message through their marketing and CSR activities with their employees, customers, suppliers and investors alike;
  • We work with foundations that need guidance to help manage and distribute their conservation budgets to best-in-class projects ensuring an optimised return on investment;
  • We also collaborate with individuals who wish to support IUCN Save Our Species directly via our online donations platform.

Whether you wish to support our existing projects, engage strategically in developing a completely new conservation project or brainstorm a new concept with us, please get in touch via

IUCN Save Our Species is based in IUCN Headquarters in Switzerland, with staff in various IUCN Regional Offices.

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