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Species are the building blocks of life. Saving them is key to ensuring the long-term health of our planet – our life support system. Due to the size and complexity of that challenge, effective, coordinated and scalable conservation efforts draw on the commitment and resources of all members of civil society.

Working with partners is key to transforming the long-term survival of threatened species and their habitats while empowering the communities who depend on them. As an aggregator and distributor of funds, IUCN Save Our Species is a portal connecting donors with high quality coordinated conservation actions targeting threatened species.

We work with public and private sector organisations including businesses in a range of industries, private foundations and individuals to help realise that mission. So far IUCN Save Our Species has achieved a wealth of conservation successes and is working to increase its impact through scalable initiatives to help solve the extinction crisis for key threatened species.

How do we do this? By harnessing partners’ expertise and resources to finance new initiatives, promoting the conservation message in inspiring and compelling ways and improving our systems and technologies as we coordinate and manage high-quality projects. These projects are implemented by a network of qualified Civil Society Organisations, large and small, working on the frontlines of many issues worldwide.

We forge long-standing collaborations with organisations, companies and people who for a variety of reasons wish to champion species conservation, including:

  • Because of a policy mandate to protect the world’s biodiversity;
  • Because it resonates with a company’s core values and business objectives;
  • Because they wish to build a competency in funding species conservation as a foundation;
  • Because they want to become an ambassador for threatened species as a global opinion influencer, or
  • Because they simply want to inspire their friends and family by sharing our story that extinction can be stopped.

We work with partners that can help transform the scale, scope and quality of our conservation mission through their networks, resources, communications abilities, passion and know-how. These are organisations and people that share a vision for a world where plant and animal species are protected to ensure their long-term survival.  Doing so makes sense both for species and for us, but it also helps to achieve other UN Sustainable Developments Goals by encouraging grassroots sustainable development where nature is valued and conserved, in keeping with the IUCN guiding vision.

For all partners, IUCN Save Our Species offers a proven, efficient and successful way to support species conservation at scale:

  • We work with international organisations, governments, governmental agencies and development banks as well as international biodiversity conventions to develop and execute large-scale conservation initiatives, coordinating portfolios of projects with a unified overarching objective aligned to global policy goals and standards;
  • We work with businesses who wish to support that work and help promote the conservation message through their marketing and CSR activities with their employees, customers, suppliers and investors alike;
  • We work with foundations that need guidance to help manage and distribute their conservation budgets to best-in-class projects ensuring an optimal return on investment;
  • We also collaborate with individuals who can help amplify our message and who wish to give directly to SOS via our online donations platform.

Please contact us via  if you are an organisation or an individual interested in engaging directly with IUCN Save Our Species.


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