Photo Credit: Laly Lichtenfeld

Why partner with us?


IUCN Save Our Species is open to all members of civil society to join, offering universal benefits for all partners and collaborators including:

Return on investment: The IUCN Save Our Species model has delivered numerous conservation successes to date including increases in wild populations of plants and animals (sometimes supported by ex-situ conservation efforts), the creation of protected areas in Africa, Asia and Latin America, the generation of hundreds of sustainable alternative livelihoods, several world-firsts in conservation techniques (for example, the Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART)), as well as many grantees who have gone on to win awards acknowledging their dedication and successes in the field enabling them to further develop their projects and careers.

Efficiency: Because IUCN Save Our Species aggregates and disburses funds in amounts that existing NGOs already operating in the field can use to achieve their projects' goals, it is an efficient tool for all scales of donations. For larger donors this offers the opportunity to distribute funding effectively while for smaller scale donors it offers the opportunity to leverage a contribution to greater impact by contributing to the portfolio.

Communications: IUCN Save Our Species offers a communications platform for partners to highlight their commitment to species conservation, through their association with IUCN Save Our Species as the dedicated species conservation grant-making facility of the world’s leading conservation organisation.

Alignment of goals: Actions performed by grantees are aligned to international biodiversity policies and conventions to which nearly all the world’s governments are signatories. This is directly relevant for all governmental and public sector bodies and will resonate with individuals as well, because it highlights the strategic role IUCN Save Our Species plays in helping us create a sustainable society living in a healthy ecosystem and within the planetary boundaries.

Participation: Depending on the level of commitment, participation activities range from helping to promote IUCN Save Our Species via social media and word-of-mouth to designing custom initiatives for larger scale donors.

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