Photo Credit: H. Randriahaingo

Community-based conservation in the Andriantantely lowland rainforest



The lowland rainforest of Andriantantely is one of the only known sites where four of the most unique and Critically Endangered of the large-bodied lemurs all co-exist: Greater bamboo lemurs, Black-and-white ruffed lemurs, Indri and Diademed sifaka. These species face threats such as hunting and habitat destruction, and the compliance of local people is needed if any conservation effort is to be successful. As such, encouraging participation from locals and approaching conservation in a holistic approach enables local communities and wildlife to exist in a more balanced way.


  • Stabilize and/or increase the populations of the concerned Critically Endangered lemur species;
  • Give tools to the local communities to ensure habitats are protected in a sustainable way.


  • Conduct awareness-raising activities on slash-and-burn agriculture, illegal logging and forest clearing;
  • Conduct training sessions on sustainable agriculture;
  • Celebrate World Environment Day and World Lemur Festival Day with accompanying awareness-raising activities;
  • Distribute seeds and other agricultural equipment.

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