Photo Credit: Edward Louis

Improving forest connectivity in the Torotorofotsy region



As populations expand, impoverished communities in the Torotorofotsy region put pressure on nature to supply daily needs, such as food and wood for fuel. Furthermore, this region is also susceptible to extensive habitat degradation from local mining. The Torotorofotsy region is home to various Endangered and Critically Endangered lemur populations, and action is needed to stop the degradation, increase suitable lemur habitats and improve habitat connectivity.


  • Stabilize lemur populations through the reduction of hunting and deforestation by empowering local organisations;
  • Expand the lemurs’ natural habitat through reforestation and use natural regeneration cycles to reduce forest fragmentation;
  • Establish Vohitsara Base Camp as an ecotourism destination by developing a sustainable ecotourism business that benefits local communities and wildlife.


  • Recruit and train locals to investigate trapping, hunting, and forest degradation incidents;
  • Establish a reforestation nursery and team, and identify reforestation areas to maximize connectivity;
  • Improve ecotourism facilities with renovations, and by establishing an English language programme for local guides to encourage professional interactions with tourists.

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