Photo Credit: Sage

Improving lemur conservation in Madagascar



Poor management of Madagascar’s natural resources is seriously impacting lemur habitats. Illegal logging, unsustainable farming techniques, the mining industry and poaching for either consumption or trafficking are daily occurrences that continually threaten lemur populations throughout the country. Laws and policies in protected areas are not enforced due to irresponsible authorities, corruption and a general lack of knowledge. In some cases, this leads to traffickers establishing themselves in project areas, causing incredible harm.


  • Mobilise and educate local communities to engage them in lemur conservation;
  • Establish a more severe legal framework to prevent further crime;
  • Restore 20% of destroyed and degraded habitats.


  • Organise a public debate on the issues of lemur protection with major national figures;
  • Organise press briefings to transmit any updates from the field;
  • Facilitate whistle-blower process through the installation of two free phone lines;
  • Raise awareness via advertising and broadcasting;
  • Strengthen the technical and equipment capacities of patrollers;
  • Increase the frequency of patrols with law enforcement;
  • Set up surveillance checkpoints on major traffic axes;
  • Carry out patrols to track and arrest lemur hunters;
  • Identify reforestation areas and set up seedling nurseries.

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