Lemur conservation in the Anjozorobe Angavo protected area



Despite Anjozorobe Angavo being a protected area, illegal exploitation of its natural resources is a common occurrence. As a result, Critically Endangered lemur populations of Indri and Diademed sifaka are constantly threatened with illegal logging and land clearing techniques that use fire for agricultural purposes. In order to survive, these lemur populations require 18 to 40 hectares. Furthermore, additional pressure is put on the area’s natural resources by the arrival of a new migrant community that sees opportunity in the region through the exploitation of wood. This has increased the annual forest coverage loss to 2%.


  • Increase the species habitat by at least 3% per year and replant for wood fuel for the local communities;
  • Promote sustainable, entrepreneurial activities that generate income and increase the standard of living for the community;
  • Cover at least 2% of the protected area’s expenses with ecotourism activities;
  • Raise awareness among the new migrant community in the area.


  • Prevent slash and burn agriculture, poaching and further habitat degradation through awareness-raising sessions and the implementation of a responsibility charter drawn up together with concerned parties and newcomers;
  • Recruit and train monitoring guards;
  • Strengthen seedling nurseries and carry out reforestation activities;
  • Support the local community with social entrepreneurship and sustainable development tools;
  • Strengthen the capacity of local tourist guides

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