Photo Credit: C.Brian Gratwicke

“This Lemur Life”—Waves for Conservation Education



Threats facing species within Ranomafana and the surrounding region represent the threats facing lemurs across Madagascar. These include deforestation, bushmeat hunting, and the increasing presence of illegal forest activities, such as selective hardwood extraction and gold mining operations. These threaten not only the viability of animal populations but often local human populations as well.

This project aims to counter the impact of destructive human forces by appealing to the local human population directly. As children in particular comprise two-thirds of Madagascar's growing population, efforts aimed at encouraging children and their families to appreciate conservation are efforts aimed at the future.


This project encourages support for lemur populations and habitats by connecting local populations to each of the thirteen lemur species native to Ranomafana National Park through radio programming, interactive lessons and teacher training that will enable participatory learning.

The project brings lemur and conservation-focused radio programming to the Ranomafana region in order to bring entertaining and educational information to a widespread local, rural audience. In conversations and focus groups with local stakeholders, radio episodes will utilize traditional folklore, local music, poems, interviews and dramatic stories to connect listeners to the cultural and ecological importance of lemur species.

The project will also create educational lessons and story books for local schools to accompany radio broadcasts. It will provide also training for both teachers and community members to encourage further active learning and participation in community radio projects.


This grant will enable the project to facilitate long­term conservation participation from radio listeners and project participants throughout the Ranomafana region and beyond.

By informing entire local communities including over 10,000 listeners about the importance of lemurs and the dangers facing them, this project aims to diminish threats to lemurs and their habitats in the region as well as to foster direct community involvement in conservation.

The ultimate goal is for these lemur shows to be broadcast on National Radio.

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