Managing lemur conservation and gold mines in the Andrafiamena-Andavakoera protected area



In Madagascar, since the establishment of new protected areas, there is conflict between conservation and the mining industry: 33% of mining camps overlap with new protected areas. Coexistence between humans and lemurs is encouraged for responsible operations, but most of the artisanal mining camps are illegally set up. As a result, the camps strongly deteriorate ecosystems and their biodiversity. In the Andrafiamena-Andavakoera protected area, Endangered and Critically Endangered lemur populations are constantly threatened due the proliferation of illegal artisanal gold mines. Lemurs are poisoned to facilitate poaching, are kept as pets and lose their habitat due to unsustainable farming techniques that severely affect the protected area. The exponential need for charcoal is severely damaging the lemurs’ habitats.


  • Reduce illegal wildlife activity in sensitive areas by 80%;
  • Reduce the number of man-made fires by 60%;
  • Involve relevant stakeholders in the strategic management of the protected area;
  • Restore damaged areas through reforestation;
  • Improve the local community’s standard of living.


  • Strengthen armed controls and community patrols in sensitive areas;
  • Install firewalls in sensitive areas;
  • Involve local children by strengthening environmental education and creating a responsibility charter;
  • Organize a lemur festival;
  • Produce and plant seedlings for habitat restoration;
  • Establish dynamic agroforestry in the area.

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