Mobilizing the local youth in the Ankarabolava-Agnakatrika Forest



At the Ankarabolava-Agnakatrika Forest, Critically Endangered White Collared Lemurs face habitat degradation and fragmentation due to over-exploitation of timber and shifting cultivation. They share their habitat with farmers who are being offered titles to equivalent fields outside the forest, so that their abandoned plots can be planted with young trees to restore the lemurs’ habitat. 40 farmers have accepted the offer, releasing 49 hectares of land. Capacity is now needed in order to transform these plots into a forest, increasing the integrity of the lemurs’ habitat.


  • Replant 20 hectares of abandoned agricultural plots within the Ankarabolava-Agnakatrika Forest;
  • Engage 1000 local youth in lemur conservation by informing them of the importance of lemurs, their responsibility in conserving their natural heritage and working with them to restore the forest.


  • Install 5 village seedling nurseries, purchase necessary equipment, and recruit and train local nurserymen/women;
  • Collect seeds and spread 50,0000 seedlings of at least 30 different native species of trees and shrubs including important lemur food species;
  • Work with local youth to transport and plant young plants in the abandoned agricultural plots;
  • Develop toolkits to raise awareness on lemurs and the threats that they face, and use them to inform local youth about the importance of lemur conservation.

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