Photo Credit: Phoenix Conservancy

Protecting the Lost Forest against wildfire



Dubbed "The Lost Forest" and totaling just 1,215 hectares in size, Ivohiboro is an isolated forest, housing a population of Endangered Ring-tailed lemurs. However, illegal logging and slash and burn agriculture practices employed in the area are particularly dangerous as these can turn into wildfire, which further fragment the forest. Additionally, fires are also set to trigger new grass growth for cattle ranging. These farming techniques put increasing pressure on the forest and its biodiversity, threatening the survival of this lemur species.


To prevent the extinction of the Endangered and undescribed lemurs of Ivohiboro by expanding the forest and protecting it from fire.


  • Build multiple natural firebreak barriers around the forest;
  • Plant pioneer species that will create suitable conditions for rainforest species;
  • Plant pioneer species in strategic places to increase habitat connectivity and forest size;
  • Create short-term jobs for the local community to provide alternative sources of income.

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