Photo Credit: Aubin Andriajaona

Reforestation at Montagne des Français



Illegal charcoal production is pushing Endangered and Critically Endangered Crowned lemur, Aye-aye, and Northern Sportive lemur populations towards imminent extinction. There is little to no control from government and park officials within the Montagne des Français Protected Area, resulting in patches of land that risk desertification due to clearing for illicit commercial charcoal production. Residents in nearby areas were dependent on this activity but have since been introduced to affordable alternatives, and are receptive to developing more sustainable income-generating options.


  • Reduce the risk of extinction of local wildlife by empowering community leaders to stop illegal charcoal production by protecting forests, expanding available habitat, and addressing the causes of deforestation;
  • Develop the basecamp infrastructure to support ecotourism by the end of the project.


  • Host conservation camps, workshops and conduct community outreach programmes to bring awareness to this issue;
  • Improve the infrastructure of the seedling nursery, identify reforestation areas to maximize connectivity and mitigate the damage as much as possible;
  • Install solar panels and build new accommodation to improve facilities for ecotourism purposes.

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