Photo Credit: H&E Claire Boyer

Securing Critically Endangered Lemurs at Vohimana Reserve



The Vohimana reserve is home to at least 10 lemur species, two of which are Critically Endangered. It is located in a corridor considered by biologists to have a crucial ecological function. However, slash and burn agriculture and logging caused both the forest and the lemur species to disappear. In spite of this, the reserve does not benefit from any law enforcement strategy or protection. Community-led reforestation and patrols are therefore essential for the species’ survival.


  • Reduce logging and charcoal deforestation by 80%
  • Reduce habitat loss degradation by 95%


  • Lobby the regional administration for more efficient enforcement by introducing Vohimana Reserve as Protected Area;
  • Engage the local community in joining community rangers for weekly patrolling activities;
  • Renovate existing ecotourism infrastructures and build two new bungalows;
  • Market locally made essential oils products to local cosmetic companies;
  • Nurse and produce 20’000 seedlings of fast-growing native trees, including native species important for the lemur’s survival.

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