Photo Credit: Fidy Ralainasolo

Sustaining marshes for the Alaotran gentle lemur; ensuring protection of critical habitat within a dynamic and challenging natural and socio-economic environment



The principle threat facing the Alaotran gentle lemur is the loss of its marsh habitat through fires and conversion into rice-fields.


The project will work to actively increase marsh habitat and implement activities to reduce loss. These include replanting phragmites marsh habitat; clearing water channels of invasive species; developing an improved fire management strategy; implementing a behaviour change campaign across the communities to reduce incidences of burning; supporting the local management authority to improve management of the protected area and enforcement of its regulations.


  1. By 2020, marsh burning is reduced to less than 1,500 hectares/year and connected and improving priority Bandro habitat is increased to 6,000 hectares.
  2. Approximately 70% of the population of the three most important communities show positive pro-lemur attitudes, know that infractions are fined, and report reduction in willingness to engage in illegal marsh clearance.
  3. Local associations within Alaotra Rano Soa (ARS) directly and effectively managing 80% of the marsh area with 440 people from 26 associations receiving training by 2020.
  4. An ecosystem management-economic benefits system is developed and integrated into the post-2020 Alaotra preotected area management plan.
  5. Monitoring within an adaptive management framework ensures effective delivery of project results and evaluation used to assess impact.

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