Photo Credit: Dave Cole

Supporting indigenous conservancies in Namibia



Nyae Nyae and Na Jaqna Conservancies are run by indigenous San communities in a remote area of Namibia. These indigenous communities are dependent on tourism and conservation activities to generate most of their income. They provide the local community with jobs, seeds for crops, supplementary food for schools, and water infrastructure benefits. Another source of income is the harvesting of the Devil’s Claw.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on travel and tourism, local communities have lost nearly all their sources of income. They simply will not have the necessary income to fund their needs. Without support, the local indigenous communities will be at significant risk from starvation. As a direct consequence, these already marginalized and impoverished communities may have to turn to wildlife poaching in order to survive.


  • Secure wildlife monitoring positions in order to control poaching and to provide a source of income to the local communities;
  • Continue Devil’s Claw harvesting activities.


  • Pay monthly salaries to wildlife monitors;
  • Collect and analyse data on local wildlife;
  • Register new harvesters and resume harvesting operations.

This project is a part of the IUCN SOS African Wildlife initiative, which is funded by the European Commission’s Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development (DG Devco) through its B4Life initiative.

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