Connecting Arid Steppe and Mountain Ecosystems for Goitered Gazelle Conservation in Southeast Kazakhstan


Goitered Gazelle in Kazakhstan
Credits : Wildlife Without Borders


The catchment region of the Ili River, connecting the Northern Tien Shan and Dzungarian Alatau mountain ranges, hosts almost 40% of Kazakhstan's Goitered Gazelle population. This landscape is pressured by the increase of infrastructure development, including urbanization as well as the building of roads, railways and fences, which results in a reduction and fragmentation of wildlife populations. 


Aiming to provide up-to-date information about the Goitered Gazelle's population status and distributions in this part of Kazakhstan, the grantee will: 

  • Initiate and support locally-led action to contribute to long-term sustainable management of the species and their fragile ecosystem; 
  • Share practical examples of adaptive management that would secure the connectivity of anticipated gazelle range under protection; 
  • Train at least 50 protected area and community monitors to provide awareness and adaptive knowledge-driven options and scenarios for the gazelle and people in the region; 
  • Highlight fundamental connections between ecosystems, people, and wildlife, including snow leopard, argali and ibex, and their inter-dependencies; 
  • Present practical tools for the restoration of the habitat and species protection.


This coordinated effort aims to initiate climate-sustainable management of the landscape hosting the Goitered Gazelle, restoring seasonal population connectivity and, in doing so, benefiting the snow leopard and other species living in the Catchment region of the Ili River.

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