Photo Credit: ZSL

EDGE of existence: protecting the last wild camels and their habitat


Conservation Problem

The Bactrian Camel is the last wild species of camel to survive today. There are only 400-500 wild camels left in Mongolia and their numbers and habitat are shrinking due to pressures from hybridisation with domestic camels, competition for space and food with livestock and disturbance from illegal gold mining. In addition, desertification is having devastating effects on the Bactrian Camels habitat with a reduction in the number of water points and grazing pastures.

Project activities

This SOS - Save Our Species project was implemented by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) as part of its EDGE of Existence Programme to conserve the world's most extraordinary threatened creatures.

This project used camera traps located at key water points to collect important data on the species. This allowed project staff to establish the level of contact with domestic camels in order to address the key issue of the hybridization of the species.

Project Outcomes

In response to these threats, this project's objective was to develop a holistic conservation strategy for the Bactrian camel, through a multi-participatory stakeholder approach, following the guidelines produced by the IUCN Species Conservation Planning Task Force.

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