Photo Credit: Saltore Saparbaev

Ensuring the Goitered Gazelle's migration and population development in a recently established eco-corridor



In early 2018, the ecological corridor has been established as a new category of protected areas in Kazakhstan. One of them connects Altyn-Emel National Park and Ile-Balhash Reserve, allowing for the free movement of the Goitered Gazelle, the saiga and the kulan. As a newly protected area, it often faces dangerous undertakings such as the stopping ongoing poaching activities, in addition to general challenges.


This project will:

  • Inform the local community about the change of the territory’s legal status to protected and what this implicates; 
  • Raise awareness of the importance of nature conservation and the role and needs of key Central Asian migratory species with focus on the Goitered Gazelle;  
  • Promote alternative ecologically sustainable forms of income generation; 
  • Technically support the rangers (provide equipment and cover far-distance patrolling costs);
  • Build an observation tower near the rangers center;
  • Coduct a complete census of the Goitered Gazelle’s population by vehicle or airplane. 


The project aims to end the current poaching activities in the Altyn-Emel - Ile-Balhash ecological corridor and to offer a safe area for the migration of the Goitered Gazelle and its population growth. Proper protection of the area will benefit kulan and saiga populations as well. 

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