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Save Our Addax and Dama in Termit, Niger



The Termit & Tin Toumma National Nature Reserve is the biggest terrestrial reserve in Africa with a 10,000 square kilometer area. The Reserve is made of different landscapes, the Termit Massif, the Reg and the sand desert with a rich biodiversity of unique megafauna including mammals and birds.

The main threats are the disturbance due to oil exploitation in the Reserve and the increase of poaching due to the unstable situation in the Sahel region. This situation is an extreme threat for fauna in the Reserve and could lead very soon to the extinction of two invaluable species.

The last viable population of Addax in the wild, (at a maximum of 200 individuals), and the biggest population of the Dama Gazelle in the world (with only 70 individuals) are in the Termit Reserve. These two species are Critically Endangered. The Addax is the biggest Antelope in the Sahelo-Saharan region and the Dama Gazelle is one of the six fastest mammals in the world. These attributes make these species real treasures of the wild.

Project Activities

In order to save these two species from extinction, the project team will perform two sets of key activities.

First the team will reinforce the capacities of the Management Unit in the Protected Area. Thanks to the radios purchased and the fuel provided by the project, this unit will patrol more in the Reserve. Patrols will focus on where the Addax are located by aerial survey and around the oil exploitation sites to prevent any disturbance and/or poaching.

Secondly the project team will work with authorities to reinforce the Nigerian conservation policy for preventing military members poaching and to have a permanent presence near the core habitat of the Dama Gazelle.


The project team anticipates the following four outcomes for this project.

All the camps and the vehicles of the Management Unit will be equipped with a long-range radio system.

The Management Unit will increase its patrols with at least two in the area where the Addax will be located, around the oil exploitation sites and thanks to information coming from local communities.

Official orders will be transmitted by the Chief of Staff to the military camps to stop poaching.

Thanks to these results, the Addax population will be stabilized, and the Dama Gazelle population will be protected with a permanent presence of rangers near their habitat.

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