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Rapid Action Grants


NEW: Rapid Action Grants are now also available for projects in South Africa implemented by Civil Society Organisations or public entities.

Co-funded by the European UnionAs a part of our SOS African Wildlife initiative, we are inviting proposals for Rapid Action Grants targeting terrestrial or freshwater threatened species in continental Sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar. They are designed to enable immediate responses to threats linked to the COVID-19 crisis and its consequences. 

Maximum grant size for the Rapid Action Grant is EUR 100,000 with no matching funds required. The maximum duration of the project should be 12 months.

Applications must be submitted in English or French and only through the SOS Online Portal where you can find additional information and download the application templates. This is an open-ended call and we will be accepting applications on an ongoing basis.

  • For projects implemented in continental Sub-Saharan Africa (excluding South Africa) or Madagascar, please apply  here.

    Due to the large number of applications we continue to receive, we are currently unable to meet our target response time of six weeks. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    En raison du grand nombre de demandes que nous continuons de recevoir, nous ne sommes actuellement pas en mesure de respecter notre délai de réponse cible de six semaines. Nous nous excusons pour la gêne occasionnée.

  • For projects implemented in South Africa, please apply here.

SOS African Wildlife is funded by the European Union.

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