Photo Credit: Denis Palanque et Nathalie Houdin

How to use the SOS interactive map


As the SOS develops, we are adding project profiles for new grants to our interactive map. But how can a user find them? This short explanatory video may help.

Using OBS Studio software, we created this short video to help users explore the SOS interactive project map to search for and find projects in different ways. This video will bring you through some simple steps and explain a little about how we use project profiles to help communicate about the important work of our grantees. 




To date SOS Lemurs has supported 29 projects implemented by 20 grantees targeting some 42 threatened species of lemurs including 17 Critically Endangered, 15 Endangered and 9 Vulnerable species as classified by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. These numbers will likely change as the initiative develops with successive calls for proposals. 

The aim of SOS Lemurs is to help locally based grantees achieve their species conservation outcomes while helping local communities and to demonstrate the value of coordinated conservation, especially when aligned to conservation strategy as is the case with SOS Lemurs where all projects are aligned to the Lemur Conservation Strategy. To learn more about the initiative click here and explore the individual projects using the interactive map!


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