Photo Credit: Carlos Crespo

The Simpona; its survival ensured by local communities and its adoption as the emblem of their villages.



The loss of its habitat due to forest clearing, the selective cutting of precious wood and poaching for local consumption are the major threats for the Silky Sifaka (also known as the Simpona) around the Marojejy Tsaratanana Corridor protected area (COMATSA). The project will address these issues.


The project will strengthen the conservation of the Simpona with the active participation of the local community through natural resource management transfers, reduced pressures through patrol, community monitoring, and securing the occurrence area of the Simpona. The project will also strengthen connectivity of Simpona habitat through forest restoration activities.  These actions will not only improve the extent and quality of the habitat of the species, but also reduce the pressures associated with illegal logging and poaching directly affecting the health of the Simpona population.


  1. By June 2020, the level of threats (poaching, illegal logging, clearing) affecting the Simpona’s territory decreases.  
  2. By June 2020, the 6 Simpona groups are still observed in their territory in the COMATSA South Protected Area.
  3. The Simpona has become the emblem of the villages bordering their territory.

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