Photo Credit: Lucien Randrianarimanana

Community empowerment for the conservation of threatened lemur species within the CAZ west


Credits : Maholy Ravaloharimanitra


Habitat loss and degradation due to bush and forest fires have been identified as the main threats to lemur survival in the project area over the last two years. While hunting has virtually decreased over the past five years, it is still suspected to occur in some areas. That is why supporting and building local capacity in patrolling and implementing local rules and laws is an important component to this project.

Illegal logging and mining still occur as well but mostly outside the project areas. However, their trails are passing through the project areas, which may cause problems in the future. Because of this local community associations should maintain a patrolling presence in this area as far as possible.


Awareness raising is a main component of the activities the grantee is undertaking to prevent people from carrying out activities, which will harm the focal species and their habitat. With a vision of sustainability, they are encouraging local communities to patrol within/around their area to prevent infractions. In case of infractions, local law enforcement is supported. The grantee is promoting conservation incentives and alternative activities to help people break the dependence on the forest and forest products and therefore mitigate threats to the species and their habitats.


The grantee aims to produce 20,000 plants in total in the tree nursery and cover 10 ha of reforestation in total for forest recovery and customary right use (areas where locals collect and harvest forest products for their daily needs).

They are also seeking the elimination of hunting pressure and fire inside the areas by the end of the project.

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