Photo Credit: Tiana A

Saving Endangered lemurs species in Loky Manambato new protected area through local community involvement



The lemurs in Loky Manambato are threatened by, amongst other things, habitat loss due to illegal logging and poaching, as well as a lack of awareness amongst the local communities and unstable financial income.


The project aims to combat the threats facing lemurs in the region by:

  1. Carrying out monthly ecological monitoring to collect data on the Protected Area;
  2. Raising awareness among local communities and organising participatory restoration of the forest to involve local communities in conservation;
  3. Enhancing alternative sources of income such as agriculture and eco-tourism to improve the standard of living of each household;
  4. Increase the level of patrolling to reduce illegal activities.


The project hopes to achieve the following:

  • Reduce the number of arrests due to illegal activities (such as illegal charcoal and logging, and slash and burn causing wildfires) from 20 per year to just five. This will help reduce pressure on the habitat;
  • Fully restore the Bekaraoka and Benafony forests; 
  • Increase the population of Crowned Lemur by at least 2% by the end of the project.

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