Photo Credit: Richard Randriamampionona

Protecting Ring-tailed Lemurs through community-based conservation efforts in southwestern Madagascar



The Ring-tailed Lemurs are the most recognisable Malagasy primate species. 

However, both humans and wildlife are relying heavily on the environment for basic needs causing an extreme loss of habitat in the area. This habitat loss along with extreme droughts followed by rapid flooding have put enormous pressures, not only on the environment but biodiversity within it, including the Ring-tailed Lemur.


The grantee is employing local communities to census lemur populations, thus providing information used to assess conservation strategies. 

They have also introduced and supported habitat restoration programs, improved livelihoods with agricultural training in soil amendments and aquaponics.  This directly addresses the poverty and food scarcity issues that affect the region, lessening the pressure put on the environment to provide for the communities.


Through the census programmes, the grantee hopes to identify sufficient numbers of Ring-tailed Lemurs to determine a secure source population and change their Red List Status. The community based projects will address habitat loss in the area, offering a way to preserve what is left of the Ring-tailed Lemur’s habitat.

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