Photo Credit: Humane Society International

SOS Australian Wildlife


Climate change is a phenomenon that spares no region. More than 1 billion animals are estimated to have perished in the Australian bush fires in 2019/2020. With your help, we are supporting work to help bring Australia's vivid wildlife back from the ashes.

With IUCN’s statement lauding the heroic efforts of the thousands of volunteer fire fighters in the face of this disaster, IUCN has acknowledged the need to continue assisting and caring for people, domestic animals and wildlife threatened by or injured in the fires.

In January 2020, IUCN Save Our Species launched a campaign to raise funds to support the wildlife and ecosystem restoration efforts in the aftermath of the fires. These funds will be used to complete Red List assessments of plants, birds, amphibians and dragonflies species from the most fire-impacted areas to support national efforts to promote the recovery of endemic Australian species.



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